BOOK DIRECTLY - To always get the best price!

BOOK DIRECTLY – To always get the best price!

When you book your stay, whether it is here or any other accommodation, always book directly on their own website, so you get the greatest flexibility.

BOOK DIRECTLY – Then you always get:

  • The ultimate BEST PRICE
  • Greater flexibility and more options
  • More types of rooms to choose from
  • Better service
  • Easier ways changing or canceling your booking
  • Good conscience as you support locally

With us you also get a cheaper price and we earn more on your booking, as we do not have to pay a fee to the large multinational companies.
So every penny end sup with the host and you support locally.


Everything just gets easier

With us, it is possible to book all the way down to A SINGLE ACCOMMODATION and when you book directly with us, you get the MOST FLEXIBILITY and it is possible to opt for or opt out of breakfast and linen package. That way, you can get cheap accommodation and much more vacation for your money.

We always want to help

It is so easy to book on the big booking portals like Hotels and Booking, but as soon as something out of the ordinary happens and you need help or your accommodation needs to be flexible, it will be difficult if the booking is made on the large portals. It limits us as hosts in how we can help you.

However When you book directly, we can easily make changes even those that are a little out of the ordinary.

Book directly with us here.