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Bornholm’s Rift Valleys

Bornholm is known for its cliffs along the coast, granite rocks and rift valleys. Here are a few that are worth a visit.

Ekkodalen is Bornholm’s largest and best-known rift valley where you can listen to the echo as you sing your favourite tunes. Ekkodalen stretches from Gamleborg Castle ruins, through the countryside to a marshy area. This large, lush rift valley with steep cliff and creek is impressive. Experience the 17-m high Gedebæks Waterfall during winter and spring. Walk to the top of the cliff and view the entire valley. This is a must-see attraction.

Døndalen, which lies along the coast between Gudhjem and Allinge, is one of Bornholm’s popular rift valleys. It has Denmark’s largest waterfall, beautiful trees and unique rock formations. It is a popular attraction year-round. During low season, you will meet a few of the locals who venture out to enjoy the natural surroundings and pick ransons. Døndalen gets muddy when it rains, so remember to wear sturdy footwear.

This rift valley which lies 8.5 km south of Danhostel Sandvig is a popular location with lush vegetation, ferns, wild orchids and more. Drive past Jon’s Chapel, a dry rock cave on the coast, then walk 400 m to Blåskindsdalen on a path with more than 150 steps. This is a must-see attraction.

For about 100 years, this secret rift valley was forgotten by Bornholmers. It lies below the earth’s surface and from above the treetops look just like a thicket. It was once difficult to find this rift valley, but Bornholmers have again discovered it. Look for the huge cliff, Jættabuilen, located near the end of your trip. This rift valley is shady, humid and sometimes muddy, so wear sturdy footwear. You will enjoy your trip and avoid large crowds during high season as this sight is not well known.

Holkadalen is small, so we guarantee you will have the place to yourself. When you visit Gudhjem, drive from the harbour and park near Gudhjem Museum. Walk past the beautiful house called Kaffeslottet on Gråmyrvej, and follow the road which leads to the small valley. Here, on the other side of Gudhjem, lies a peaceful valley with a road bridge. A stroll through Holkdalen is worth it if you are already in Gudhjem.

There are many other exciting rift valleys around the island waiting for you to explore. Check with us. We will give you the best tips for all the exciting attractions.

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