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Ertholmene – Christiansø

Ertholmene, Denmark’s easternmost point consists of 3 unique islands, namely, Christiansø, Frederiksø, which are inhabited, and Græsholm, a protected bird sanctuary. There are also several skerries.

Special Islands
On a clear day in North Bornholm, you can see these beautiful islands on the horizon. A nautical chart reveals that the entire archipelago sits on a water column.

Unique Nature
The islands are home to Denmark’s largest population edider ducks. Græsholm is a bird sanctuary with Denmark’s largest colony of guillemots and razorbill auks. There is a large seal colony on the small rock island of Tat. Book a seal safari when you visit. The islands’ water holes teem with rare toads.

Take a Trip to the Islands
The boat, Christiansøfarten, and others sail to Ertholmene during the summer months. Many tourists take a day trip and spend about 4 hours to discover the areas around Christiansø and Frederiksø. Enjoy a unique nature experience on these historic fortress islands with local guides.

Facts about Ertholmene

  • There are no cars on the islands
  • About 100 people live on the islands of Christiansø and Frederiksø
  • The islands are owned by Denmark and administered by the Department of Defense
  • The islands are visited every year by about 60,000 tourists
  • The islands provide local fire brigade and disaster preparedness

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