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Beaches around Bornholm

Bornholm is known for its rocky coastline and many sandy beaches. Dueodde Beach in South Bornholm, with its fine, white sand, is probably the most popular. Balka Beach, a shallow, child-friendly beach at Nexø Bay, is close to Dueodde Beach.
Sandvig Strand

Sandvig Beach in North Bornholm, “Our Beach”
In Sandvig, we have a lovely beach with fine, white sand, cliffs and a lifeguard on duty all summer. If it gets too windy, seek shelter between the cliffs. Danhostel Sandvig is less than 200 m from the beach.
sandvig strand

No Unpleasant Surprises in the Water
Due to the low salt content, the waters around Bornholm are brackish. This means you can dive with your eyes open without experiencing major problems.  There are no crabs and stinging jellyfish in the water, just harmless jellyfish, small fish and mussels.

Wildlife on the Cliffs by the Coast
The small freshwater lakes between the cliffs, such as at Gudhjem Harbour, might have salamanders and toads. These protected species must be released if you catch them.

Many seals have appeared around Bornholm and Ertholmene (Christiansø) in recent years. They are usually seen between the cliffs or on the beach. If you see a baby seal, do not touch it even if it is alone for several hours. It will be rejected by its mother and die from hunger. The mother watches the tide and comes in at the right time.
Contact our reception if you would like to go on a seal safari to Ertholmene.

Other Beaches on Bornholm
There are other beaches north and south of Rønne and near Hasle. At Galløkken, south of Rønne, a new beach was built in 2019 in connection with the port expansion. There are other small beaches with cliffs. Never swim alone or in areas where the locals do not swim. Watch out for rip currents, plus stones and rocks which hide undercurrents. Bornholmers know where it is safe to swim, so ask for assistance or swim at beaches where there is a lifeguard is on duty.

Here is a map with Bornholm’s beaches.

Klipper og sand