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Round Churches on Bornholm

There are 7 round churches in Denmark, 4 of which are on Bornholm. They are popular attractions with exciting history.

Østerlars Kirke – Østerlars Rundkirke (Sankt Laurentius’ Kirke)
The best-known round church is in Østerlars. It is the largest and most visited with more than 150,000 visitors each year in addition to local churchgoers. Østerlars Round Church is also considered one of Bornholm’s main attractions. There is a small entry fee to view the interior, including the distinctive roof construction. Read more about Østerlars Round Church and find directions here.

Sankt Ols Kirke – Olsker Rundkirke
Olsker Round Church is the tallest, most elegant of the round churches and was once an impenetrable fort.  The church is visited annually by about 25,000 people, so there are not many visitors during the peak season. Olsker Round Church can be reached in half an hour via cycle and is the closest round church to Danhostel Sandvig. Read more about Olsker Rundkirke and find directions here.

Ny Kirke – Nyker Rundkirke
The smallest round church on Bornholm’s is in Nyker, close to Rønne. The main road leads straight to the church. Nyker Round Church had limited use as a fortification and is beautifully decorated with frescoes. Read more about Nyker Rundkirke and find directions here.

Nylars Kirke – Nylars Rundkirke
Nylar’s Round Church is the least known and best-preserved round church. It has two of 40 runestones on Bornholm, plus several ​​beautiful frescoes. The church is in South Bornholm between Rønne and Aakirkeby. Entry is free. Read more about Nylars Round Church and find directions here.

In addition to round churches, there are other beautiful old churches around Bornholm which are worth a visit.