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Inspiration and tours

Bus Tours:

South Tour from 9 am – 5 pm
The South Tour starts with a ride through Allinge, Olsker, and Klemensker to Almindingen, Denmark’s third-largest state forest. The tour continues to Denmark’s highest point, Rytterknægten, and Ekodalen (the Echo Valley), its longest rift. The drive goes through Åkirkeby town to Dueodde Beach. Enjoy a picnic then walk on the dunes. The bus then drives to the small fishing villages of Snogebæk, Nexø, and Svaneke, where you can enjoy a smoked herring. Visit a hard candy factory on the street called Glastorvet, then drive to Brændegårdshaven, and Bornholm’s Sommerland, with water parks, cable cars and rowboats. Your return trip goes along the east coast beach path. Visit Naturbornholm for an additional fee.

North Tour from 9 am – 5 pm
Your North Tour leaves Danhostel Sandvig at 9 am. It goes through Tejn, Bornholm’s largest fishing village, to the Sanctuary Cliffs at Rø, and Gudhjem, one of Denmark’s most beautiful towns. Tour Gudhjem for an hour at your own pace, then continue to Østerlars Round Church. After visiting the church, the bus drives through Almindingen to Åkirkeby, to see Bornholm Nature and Experience Centre, which aims to strengthen the interest and understanding of the island’s nature and culture through interactive exhibitions and virtual technology. From here the trip goes through Vestermarie, Nyker and Hasle to Jon’s chapel. Walk along the coastal path to Vang, where the bus will pick you up and drive you back to Danhostel Sandvig.

Bus Trip to Østerlars and Naturbornholm from 8.30 am – 3 pm
Your trip begins at 8:30 from Danhostel Sandvig. The journey on the beach road goes through Tejn, Bornholm’s largest fishing village, to the sanctuary cliffs at Rø. The trip continues to the beautiful town of Gudhjem, which you can tour for an hour, then goes inland to Østerlars Round Church, Bornholm’s largest round church. Afterwards, visit Bornholm Nature and Experience Centre, which aims to strengthen the interest and understanding of the island’s nature and culture through interactive exhibitions, virtual technology, and nature guidance. Return to Danhostel Sandvig at 3 pm.

Trip to Døndalen and Østerlar Round Church from 8.30 am
The trip leaves Danhostel Sandvig at 8:30 am. The first stop is Døndalen, home to various flora and fauna rarely seen anywhere else in Denmark, and Denmark’s highest waterfall. The coast road takes you to the sanctuary cliffs at Rø. You will visit Bornholm Art Museum which offers free entry before 12 pm. Gudhjem is the next stop on the trip, so tour the town on your own until 2:30 pm, then meet in the car park at Gudhjem Smokehouse. Continue to Østerlars Round Church – an optional stop – then head back to Danhostel Sandvig.

Short Trip to Jons Chapel from 8:30 am
The trip to Jons Chapel starts from Danhostel Sandvig at 8:30 am. Walk along the coast past the lovely area of Vang to Hammershus Castle Ruins then back to Danhostel Sandvig.
Jons Kapel

If you want to see the beautiful Bornholm nature from a bicycle saddle, you can also rent good three-gear bicycles through us in collaboration with Nordbornholms Cykeludlejning. Please note that bicycles must be collected and delivered in Allinge, 2 km from Danhostel Sandvig, or an agreement for delivery and collection must be made. We strongly recommend that you take a bicycle helmet with you, as it is very hilly terrain you will be cycling in. For those who do not have a helmet, these can also be rented. Now don’t make too long cycling trips – many underestimate how hard it is to cycle on the hilly Nordbornholm.

Tour Suggestions
Start from Danhostel Sandvig after breakfast. Pick up your bicycle just 300 m from Danhostel Sandvig. Cycle to Allinge via the old railway, past the rock carving field and the Russian cemetery, and continue via Sandkås to Tejn. Visit Troldeskoven, a typical Bornholm natural forest, with rocky terrain and mixed vegetation. Continue to Døndalen, known for its rare trees, flowers and small animals, and Denmark’s highest waterfall. The trip goes to Østerlars Round Church, Spellingemosen in Rø and Olsker Round Church. Walk back to Danhostel Sandvig after you deliver your cycle to the rental company. This trip is about 35 km. We recommend that you either bring a cycle helmet or rent one from us for 10 DKK per day.

The bus from Danhostel Sandvig will take you to Gudhjem, so you sail on the boat, Christiansøfarten, to the island of Christiansø. The bus will pick you up from Gudhjem and drive you back to Danhostel Sandvig. The total trip time is about 3 hours. See tour prices here.christiansø1

Moseløkken Quarry Museum is about 1 km from Danhostel Sandvig. Group visits must be booked well in advance.

Hammerhavn Boat Trip
On arrival at Danhostel Sandvig, book a trip by boat along the scenic cliffs at Hammershus Castle ruins, near the 70 m long rock cave, and view Denmark’s largest bird mountain.  Klipper på Bornholm

There are many opportunities for hiking in the lovely nature at Hammerknuden which has an old quarry, Lake Opalsøen, Crystal Lake and Hammershus Castle ruins.

Tours and Events
Book all tours and events through Danhostel Sandvig. See tour prices here.