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Experience Bison on Bornholm

After a 5-year trial, a decision was made in 2018 to keep a Bison flock on Bornholm. The animals are kept in a fenced area in Almindingen Forest. Bornholm is the only place in Denmark where you can find European bison.

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Hard to Find
Like the northern lights and sunny weather, there is no guarantee you will see the bison flock. Many Bornholmers have unsuccessfully tried to locate them. Fortunately, many have seen them several times in the clearings. Visit Almindingen Forest during autumn and spring when there are no leaves on the trees. Bison are most active in the morning and evening hours. Keep a distance of at least 50 m as these animals are large and unpredictable.

The Story behind the Bison Flock on Bornholm
Keeping bison on Bornholm started as an experiment to see if the endangered European bison could survive in Bornholm’ natural surroundings. The bison population have steadily grown and had a positive effect on the rest of the forest. They have become a popular Bornholm attraction. More than 100,000 people visit the 200-hectare area of Almindingen Forest each year.

Bison on Bornholm
The Bison population in Almindingen Forest is near Svinemosen. Start your trip at the bird tower at Svinemosen and get an overall view of the area. It is not far from Ekkodalen (Echo Valley), so plan to visit both attractions on the same day. Grab a bite to eat at Cafe Genlyd in the Echo Valley and taste Denmark’s largest tartlet. It is so good we always mention it!

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