Experiences on your Holiday on Bornholm

Experiences on your Holiday on Bornholm

Bornholm offers many exciting attractions and experiences. We recommend the following for the entire family when you holiday on Bornholm.

Brændesgårdshaven (formerly known as Jobo Land)
Brændesgårdshaven, known as Brandskershavan on Bornholm, is a popular park which has a water park with slides and a children’s pool. There is a small zoo, sailboats, miniature golf, shows all summer, cafes, climbing walls, trampolines, zip line, etc. Families can still have fun even though there are no large carousels and roller coasters. Read more about Brændesgårdshaven here.

Bornholm’s Medieval Centre (Bornholms Middelaldercenter)
Take a trip back to the Middle Ages when you visit the farm, stroll through the idyllic mill valley, and participate in do-it-yourself activities. Keep an eye on the calendar so you can visit the medieval market held each summer. The centre has several exciting stalls. Read more about Bornholm’s Medieval Centre here.

Bornpark MiniGolf
Bornpark Mini-Golf Course, situated next to Bornholm’s Medieval Centre, is the newest and largest mini-golf course on Bornholm. The course has the same shape as Bornholm, and each hole is a Bornholm attraction. Play mini-golf between the round churches, at Hammershus, Christiansø and other well-known locations. These are popular locations for locals and tourists. Read more about Bornpark Mini Golf here.

Østerlars Round Church (Østerlars Rundkirke)
Tour Østerlars Round Church, one of Bornholm’s main attractions, when you visit the Medieval Centre and Bornpark Minigolf. The church, built around 1150, is the largest and oldest of Bornholm’s four round churches. It is on a hill just 500 m north of Østerlars. See our article on Bornholm Round Churches here. Read more about Østerlar’s Round Church here.

Dueodde Beach and Lighthouse (Dueodde Strand og Fyr)
Dueodde Beach, located in South Bornholm, is near a dune landscape. Its fine white sand was used in hourglasses many years ago. Dueodde Lighthouse offers great views. Head north to Balka Beach, a child-friendly beach with fine sand and shallow water ideal for young children. Read more about Bornholm’s beaches here. Read more about Dueodde Beach here.

Sanctuary Cliffs (Helligdomsklipperne)
The cliffs between Tejn and Gudhjem are some of Denmark’s largest natural attractions. The rocky coast is dramatic with voids, crevices and columns which provide beautiful views of the sea. Walk 60 m into the cave called “Black Pot” to find rare cave spiders. Take a boat trip along the coast and visit Bornholm Art Museum located nearby. Read more about the Sanctuary Cliffs here.

Paradise Hills and the Rocking Stone (Paradisbakkerne og Rokkestenen)
This hilly and rocky landscape in East Bornholm is about 3 km northwest of Nexø. There is unique scenery and the large rock, Rokkesten, which rocks. Visit the ruins of Gamleborg, one of Bornholm’s 7 castle ruins. There are many crevasses known as Helvedesdalene with several large rocks from the ice age.

Rytterknægten – Kongeminder (The Equestrian Knight – King’s Memories)
Kongeminder Tower, located at Bornholm’s highest point, Rytterknægten, was built in 1856 in memory of Frederik VII and Countess Danner’s visit. The tower was elevated with a steel scaffold in 1899 because the forest grew and the view diminished. Rytterknægten is 184 m above sea level and has granite and steel towers. On a clear day, you can enjoy fantastic views of Bornholm, Christiansø and Sweden.

Nature Park Bornholm
Nature Park Bornholm is a nature activity park with tree climbing, zip line, football and disc golf and a quiz labyrinth. There are 6 climbing tracks from 1 to 18 m high. Borrow all safety equipment on-site so you and your family can swing in the treetops. Read more about Bornholm’s Climbing Course here.

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