Experiences within Walking Distance of Danhostel Sandvig on Bornholm - Danhostel Sandvig - Billig overnatning på Bornholm

Experiences within Walking Distance of Danhostel Sandvig on Bornholm

We are fortunate to be in a central spot near great attractions in or around Sandvig. As a result, you can visit Hammershus, Bornholm’s most popular attraction, and other locations on foot or by cycle. Enjoy the unique nature in the area and come back to our Danhostel happy that you got a chance to experience a bit of Bornholm.

(Hammershus Slotsruin og Besøgscenter) Hammershus Castle Ruins and Visitor Centre
A walk or cycle trip visit to Hammershus, located only 2 km from Danhostel Sandvig, will save you parking fees. Visit the new visitors’ centre which overlooks the cliffs and the beautiful castle ruins. Walk around Hammershus Castle ruins, the water and lush nature. These are must-see attractions. You will understand why Hammershus is so popular when you visit on a sunny day. Read more here.

Madsebakke Helleristninger
Denmark’s largest rock carving, located between Sandvig and Allinge, is 1 km from Danhostel Sandvig. There are several ship carvings, sun and bowl signs as well as human figures which point to the rising sun during the summer solstice. There are many other stone carvings on the island. During the Bronze Age, the entire area was a cult site. Ask reception about other rock carvings. NOTE: Do not walk on rock carvings as they are protected. Read more about Madsebakke here.
Helleristninger på Madsebakke

Sandvig Beach
Sandvig Beach, Bornholm’s northernmost beach, has fine white sand and many rocks. The beach is just a 4-minute walk from Danhostel Sandvig and has a lifeguard on duty throughout the summer. There is a kiosk, ice cream shop, jetty and a large parking lot. It is dangerous to swim here or anywhere else on Bornholm when the winds are strong, so remember to swim where the locals are and follow the signs and directions.
sandvig strand

Moseløkken Quarry Museum in North Bornholm
Moseløkken Quarry is 2.3 km from Danhostel Sandvig. Watch a demonstration of how to break granite with a large stone then try to do so. The experience is authentic with local retired stone carvers. Visit the 150-year old quarry exhibitions. The quarry is always open and has a small store which sells granite products. Pay with cash or mobile pay. Read more here.

Hammerknuden, one of the most beautiful natural areas on Bornholm, has hiking trails and places of interest. It is in practically in Danhostel Sandvig’s backyard. The beautiful landscape located just 300 m from Danhostel Sandvig was shaped during the ice age and has exposed bedrock. The 7 km trip around Hammerknuden takes you past Hammerode Lighthouse, the ruins of Solomon’s chapel – a church from the 1300s, the Hammer Lighthouse, Lake Opal (Opalsøen), Hammer Lake (Hammersø) and a wealth of unique rock formations. This area sums up Bornholm’s nature and is a must-see when you visit the island.

Zip Line at Lake Opal (Opalsøen Tovbanen)
Walk 1.7 km to Lake Opal and experience an adrenaline rush. Daredevils should try this 290 m long zip line from a height of 48 meters at 60 km/h. You will land in Lake Opal Bring so bring your bathing suit and use the on-site changing room. Children over 6 years are allowed. No appointment is needed. Read more here.

Hammershavn and Boat Trips
Hammerhavn at the foot of Hammerknuden is just 2 km from Danhostel Sandvig. Sail near the rocky coast past Hammershus Castle ruins or go on a fishing trip.

Allinge Town and Harbour (Allinge og Allinge Havn)
Sandvig’s twin town, Allinge, is centred around the harbour just 2 km from Danhostel Sandvig. The political arrangement known as Folkemødet is held here each year. There are two smokehouses, several cafes and eateries at the harbour. Allinge Church, with its sunny yellow colour, sits beautifully above the town. There are many narrow streets with speciality shops and two grocery stores. Gæstgiveren, also known as Guest, is transformed each summer into an ultra-modern concert venue. Many large Danish bands perform here because they enjoy the intimate and cosy atmosphere. Read more about Gæstgiveren and see the summer program here.

Bornholm Outdoor Centre
Outdoor holidays and activities are the new black. Bornholm Outdoor Centre organises various activities such as climbing, abseiling, mountain biking, scuba diving, kayaking, coasteering, snorkelling and underwater hunting. Many of the activities are held close to our Danhostel in North Bornholm in places such as Lake Opal. Read more about various opportunities for fun outdoor activities for the whole family here.

Rent a cycle from us and ride to attractions which are further away. Learn more at our reception.

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