Ornithological Trips to see Birds on Bornholm - Danhostel Sandvig - Billig overnatning på Bornholm

Ornithological Trips to see Birds on Bornholm

For bird watching on Bornholm, our unique location, Danhostel Sandvig, is the ideal place to spend the night. We are within walking distance of Denmark’s only bird cliff and Bornholm’s best birding watching location.

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Boat Trips
We are at the foot of Hammerknuden, so you can take trips on foot or take the bus outside our front door. We can book your bird watching trips to Ertholmene via the boat, Christiansøfarten. Take a private tour of the bird cliff near Hammershus or sail around Græsholmen Bird Sanctuary on Christiansø. There are also trips on Hammershus speedboat from Hammerhavn. Find out more here (page is in Danish).

Breeding Birds
Watch several breeding birds such as razor-billed auks, guillemots, silver seagulls, jackdaws, starlings and a few pairs of Baltic herring gulls at Hammerknuden. You might even see one of the falcon pairs who also breed on the rocks at Vang Granite Quarry.

Migratory and Resting Birds
During spring, when the birds migrate through Bornholm, birdwatchers come to watch this exciting spectacle. At Hammerknuden, look out for migrating birds like cormorants, loons, razor-billed auks and  ducks (especially eider and black ducks), plus geese and cranes.

Almindingen is the only place in Denmark where you can see breeding boreal or Tengmalm owls. There are 45 nest boxes which house 1-5 breeding pairs each year.

Learn more about the birds at Hammerknuden and other areas of North Bornholm here. For more information, visit DOF Bornholm’s website.