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Sustainable and Climate-Friendly Holiday on Bornholm

Climate-Friendly Accommodation on Bornholm
When you stay at Danhostel Sandvig, you stay at a location which complies with the UN’s Sustainable Goals, including climate targets. These goals became part of Danhostel’s DNA and manifesto in 2019. Read more about these sustainable goals here.

Climate-Friendly Transport to Bornholm
Bus and ferry are the most climate-friendly way to reach Bornholm. Several bus companies  provide transport to and from Bornholm. Kombardo Expressen sail on the ferry to Rønne harbour . A family of 4 can travel on a Bornholm bus for less than 500 DKK one way. Tour the island via a Bornholm bus.

Route 700 drives to and from Copenhagen to the Bornholm ferry. Several buses, namely 2, 7, 8 and 10, drive from Rønne harbour and stop at Danhostel Sandvig’s front door. Buses 7 and 8 provide the most direct route.

Climate-Friendly Transport on Bornholm
A cycling holiday on Bornholm is the ultimate climate-friendly holiday. We can help you rent bicycles when you arrive or use one of the buses just outside our door. We are also within walking distance of a lovely bathing beach and Bornholm’s main attraction, Hammershus. Hammerknude, another area which is worth a visit, is in our backyard. It might be easy to thumb a lift. See our site about attractions within walking distance of Danhostel Sandvig here.

Climate-Friendly Meals at Bornholm
Several eateries on Bornholm serve climate-friendly and vegetarian meals. Use our guest kitchen if you prefer to cook your own. Buy organic produce at Netto or SuperBrugsen supermarkets which are just 2 km from Danhostel Sandvig at Allinge harbour. The walk will take you past the beautiful rocky coastline. Visit the many locations which produce Bornholm specialities. It is common to see roadside stalls where you use the honour system to purchase fresh fruits, honey and vegetables throughout the season.

Climate-Friendly Experiences at Bornholm
Take a nature walk on Bornholm. From Danhostel Sandvig, walk on the scenic route to Hammerknude. This route with hilly terrain is just over 7 km long. We are a short walk from the rock carving site Madsebakke. Save parking fees by cycling (less than 10 minutes) to Bornholm’s most popular attraction, Hammershus, and visit its Experience Centre. The beautiful mountain town of Vang, less than 7 km away, is worth a trip. Continue to the rock cave, Jons Chapel, which is less than 10 km from our Danhostel. The nearest round church, Ols Church (Old Kirke), can be reached via cycle in 20 minutes. Spend the night at Danhostel Sandvig in North Bornholm and enjoy wonderful experiences without travelling long distances.

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