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Running and Walking Routes from Danhostel Sandvig

It is no secret that one of Danhostel Sandvig’s hosts likes to run, so if you would like to jog or walk in beautiful nature, Danhostel Sandvig is the right place for you.

We used Ifrom’s app to create some routes with varying degrees of difficulty. Click on the link below and find routes from 2 to 12 km. Everyone can participate by walking or running.

2 km Route Harbour and Beach – Danhostel Sandvig
This short walk takes you down to Sandvig Harbour with cliffs and a promenade. Pass the harbour, walk on the sand or the road back to Danhostel Sandvig. Find the race here.

3 km Madsebakke – Danhostel Sandvig
This 3-km route near Madsebakke Rock Carvings runs through the town of Allinge along the coast, and back to Danhostel Sandvig. On this trip, you get a glimpse of nature and the town atmosphere. Find the route here.

4 km Hammersoe and Lake Opals – Danhostel Sandvig
This route’s hilly terrain offers breathtaking views of Hammersø and Opalsøen and lush nature. Find the route here.

6 km around Hammerknuden – Danhostel Sandvig
This 6-km route circles Hammerknuden along the cliffs by the sea. A small section of the route is on asphalt while the rest is on challenging and hilly terrain. Go past Hammerodde Lighthouse, Solomon’s Chapel and several well-known rock formations. Find the route here.

6 km Hammershus – Danhostel Sandvig
This challenging route goes to Hammershus Castle Ruins via Hammersøen and Hammerknuden and continues on the main road. Find the route here.

6.5 km Rock Carving Trip – Danhostel Sandvig
This hilly terrain is on country roads with some traffic. Pass several rock carvings and Moseløkken Quarry, and end at Hammersø. Find the route here.

12 km Hammershus and More – Danhostel Sandvig
This 12-km route goes by several of North Bornholm’s attractions. The route’s hilly terrain around Hammerknuden continues around Hammershus Castle Ruins. Continue on the main road through the woods by the rock carvings and Modeløkken Quarry. It is easy to return to Danhostel Sandvig. Find the route here.

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