Bring Your Dog to Bornholm on Holiday - Danhostel Sandvig - Billig overnatning på Bornholm

Bring Your Dog to Bornholm on Holiday

We believe that there should be room for the whole family when on holiday in Bornholm, including the dog or dogs, so we say yes to dogs at Danhostel Sandvig. When you book online at or on our website, you can order linen, breakfast or a room which allows dogs. Book also via email or phone. Book in advance and we will prepare a room for you and your pet.

Hund med på bornholm

Dogs that are well-behaved, accustomed to new people and places are welcome. Please be considerate of guests who are afraid of dogs.

There is an additional cleaning cost of 100 DKK per dog per stay. You can bring up to 3 dogs. We have a few rules for guests who bring their dog on holiday.

Rules for Bringing Dogs to Danhostel Sandvig:
• Dogs are not allowed on beds
• Dogs should never be left alone in rooms
• Dogs are not allowed in the dining room
• Dogs are not allowed in the guest kitchen
• Dogs are not allowed to visit other rooms as these will also require extra cleaning.

Other Four-Legged Residents on Site

We have two cats at Danhostel Sandvig, so to prevent conflicts, all dogs must always be on a leash in and outdoors.

If you would like to bring another pet on holiday on Bornholm, please contact us in advance. Bornholm occasionally hosts cat exhibitions. Owners and cats have stayed with us.

If you travel with dogs and cats to Bornholm via Sweden, it is compulsory that you inform Swedish customs authorities.