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Gourmet Holiday on Bornholm

Bornholm’s gourmet cuisine should be part of your bucket list when you visit the island. The gourmet wave, which hit Bornholm more than ten years ago, resulted in a food mecca for visitors who prefer fine dining experiences while on holiday. We have a list of some of the best places to eat while on your gourmet holiday in Bornholm.


Restaurant Le Port
Vang, one of the most beautiful small towns on Bornholm, is the home of Restaurant Le Port. Take the narrow, winding road down to the port of Vang to discover this fancy restaurant with a beautiful view of the Baltic Sea. Here, the focus is on sustainability, Nordic cuisine, and the island’s local specialities. Enjoy lunch or dinner menu. Learn more about Restaurant Le Port.

Kadeau Bornholm
Kadeau Bornholm, one of Bornholm’s best gourmet restaurants, was awarded a Michelin star in 2019. Anticipate a unique food experience as you sit and dream what the chef will choose for your dining experience. The quality of the meals reflect the prices on the menu. Learn more about Kadeau Bornholm here.

Ekkodalhuset and Cafe Genlyd
Ekkodalhuset and Cafe Genlyd is in the middle of Echo Valley so you can enjoy your food next door to one of Bornholm’s rift valleys. Taste Denmark’s largest tartlet which weighs 500 grams. Experience the friendly service of people who love their volunteer work of serving others. While there might not be many dishes on the menu, every effort is made to include dishes for children and vegetarians. Book well advance during high season. Learn more about Ekkodalhuset and Cafe Genlyd here.
Cafe genlyd

Pony X Nordlandet
Nordlandet’s Pony X restaurant serves classic food inspired by local Bornholm products and Nordic cuisine. Order your meals, and wine from an extensive wine list while you sit and enjoy views of the Baltic Sea. The menu is varied and based on seasonal produce. Pony X is within walking distance of Danhostel Sandvig in Allinge. Learn more about Pony X here.

Lassens Restaurant
Lassens Restaurant, located at Stammershalle Badehotel close to Gudhjem, is in the middle of the fishing village, Tejn. The restaurant is proud to be the sea’s closest neighbour. Enjoy your meals as you view the Baltic Sea. There is a lunch menu with sandwiches and salads as well as a dinner menu where you order from the set menu or a la carte. Learn more about Lassens Restaurant here.

Sandvig Is Kalas
You cannot come to Bornholm without enjoying a classic ice cream waffle. Sandvig Icecream Kalas, located at Sandvig Harbour, is within walking distance of Danhostel Sandvig. In addition to a lovely waffle ice cream, you can buy quality coffee and cake or enjoy a cold glass of wine. The location is spot on, and you can enjoy your ice cream or coffee while sitting on the rocks. Learn more about Kalas Ice cream.
Kalas is

Restaurant Det Røde Pakhus
Restaurant Det Røde Pakhus, located in the middle of Rønne, serves delicious, high-quality gourmet meals made from local produce. Selected products from the harbour and forest combine to create delicious meals. Restaurant Christianshøjkroen and Restaurant Molen in Nexø are owned by the same proprietor, so the experienced team welcome you for lunch and dinner. Learn more about Restaurant Det Røde Pakhus.

Fru Petersens Café
Mrs Petersen’s Café, located in the middle of Bornholm, is close to the town of Østermarie. It is decorated with wares from the past and present, so when you enter, you feel as if you just stepped into your grandmother’s living room. Enjoy the variety of cakes, pastries, buns, layer cakes, and apple cakes. Everything is home-made. Desserts are served with coffee, tea, hot cocoa with whipped cream, and fruit drinks. Learn more.

Smokehouses on Bornholm
It is impossible to talk about Bornholm without mentioning the smokehouses. Even if you are on a gourmet holiday, make room for classic smoked herring with a raw egg yolk called ‘Sol over Gudhjem.’ Smokehouses are found in several locations along Bornholm’s coasts. Many offer a large buffet with smoked specialities and a shop where you can purchase all you need. In Allinge, there are two smokehouses: Allinge Smokehouse and North Bornholm Smokehouse located on either side of our garden.
Learn more about Allinge Smokehouse here.
Learn more about North Bornholm Smokehouse here.
Røgerier i solnedgang

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MUST BUYS ON BORNHOLM: (Most are available in Bornholm’s supermarkets)

Svaneke Bolsjer – Bolsjeriet
This is the island’s and perhaps Denmark’s best hard candy. It is not as heavy as the traditional ones, so they are extra delicious.

Bülow Lakrids
This type of liquorice by Johan Bülow is known throughout the world. He started his production in a small room in Svaneke. This is one of Bornholm’s gourmet success stories.

Karameller fra karamelkompagniet
We believe this is the world’s best gourmet candies. They are delicious.

Vin fra Lille Gadegård
Wine is also produced on Bornholm. There is a large selection of red wines, sparkling wines, etc., produced on the farm.

Honningsyp from Den Bornholmske Spritfabrik
The sweet taste of honey has for centuries saved snaps on Bornholm. Buy a bottle of traditionally sweet snaps to bring home.

Lehnsgaard Rapsolie
Here you can purchase rapeseed oil that can be used as a dressing and for frying. It does not become rancid when heated and is available in different flavours.

Svaneke Brewhouse
Bornholm’s beer adventure has resulted in a host of recognised beers. At Svaneke Brewhouse, you can also enjoy delicious food at the restaurant.

Bornholmsk Honning fra Den Gamle Skole
Den Gamle Skole produces delicious local honey.

Den Ægte Bornholmersennep
Den Ægte Bornholmersennep makes delicious, locally produced mustard in a variety of exciting flavours.

Bornholms Mosteri
Bornholm’s Juice Mill produces organic fruit juices and nectar. The products are excellent. You will find them in many Bornholm eateries. This is one of our favourites.

Bornholmske Rugkiks
Bornholm’s rye crackers (a classic on Bornholm) come in different flavours and are known throughout the world.

Cheese from St. Clemens dairy farm
St. Clemens dairy farm produces the best cheeses made from Bornholm cows. You can find them in almost all supermarkets. The locals prefer Bornholm’s milk and cheese. We are proud to report that Bornholm is the only place in Denmark where the company, Arla, is unable to compete with local dairy farms.

Christiansøpigens Sild
Christiansø Pigens sells marinated herring made from old recipes which have been passed down through several generations.

Hallegaards Pølser
Hallegaard’s sausages are locally produced and sold by butchers. There are several locations around the island where you can buy them, including farm shops and sausage wagons.

Get more inspiration for other experiences on Bornholm in addition to the good gourmet foods listed here.