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What to do on rainy days on Bornholm

The sunny island of Bornholm does not always live up to its name, but it has the most hours of sunshine in Denmark. It hardly rains a whole day on the island, but in case it does, here are several suggestions for indoor activities.

NaturBornholm is an indoor experience centre where you can experience Bornholm’s nature past and present. There are exhibitions and activities where you use not only your brain but your whole body. The interactive exhibition provides great entertainment for the whole family. Admission is free for children under 3 years. Learn more here.

Bornholm Butterfly Park
At the Butterfly Park, the temperature is always 27 degrees. Discover more than 1,000 butterflies in tropical conditions. There are silk butterfly larvae in the mulberry tree greenhouse, exotic plants and bird species which use sounds to set the mood for your tour. Admission is free for children under 4 years. Learn more here.

Birds of Prey Show
Bornholm’s bird of prey presentation relocates to a large, indoor showroom with seating on a rainy day. The audience learns about the wonderful world of the birds of prey through flying displays and exhibitions. Learn more here. (danish website)
Bornholms Rovfugleshow

Bornholm Museum, Hjort’s Factory and Erichsen’s Farm in Rønne
At Bornholm Museum in Rønne, there is a 3-storey cultural history museum which houses exhibitions on Bornholm’s archaeology, its maritime activities, Russian occupation, classic Bornholm clocks, an old-fashioned schoolroom, toys, and more.

Pottery is still produced at the famous old Hjorts Ceramic Factory in Rønne, so try to make something from clay. Book well in advance. The Factory has a historical collection of pottery and a beautiful garden which can be enjoyed if the weather improves.

The historic Erichsen’s Farm is also in Rønne. This is a listed market town, full of nostalgia. The house was built in the early 1800s and is well-preserved. Try a pancake made in the old kitchen.

All under 18 years get free admission.  A combi-ticket can be purchased for the 3 museums and Gårdmusset Melsted Gård for 100 DKK per adult. Use the ticket to visit Melsted Gård on a dry day. Learn more about Bornholm Museum here.
Hjorts fabrik

Bornholm’s Technical Collection
This museum contains historical machines, household goods, furniture, vehicles and other exhibits connected to Bornholm. Show the children what televisions looked like when you were a child. Watch as they turn on the large, old electricity plant. The Museum is run by volunteers who work during the summer and winter months. Learn more here. (Dansih webpage)
Bornholms Tekniske Samling

Rønne Cinema
Rønne Bio, formerly awarded ‘Friendliest Cinema of the Year,’ is on one level. It features the latest films with only one movie featured at a time. It is a charming venue with good legroom for 250 people. Most films are played in orgininal language with danish subtitels. Learn more and see the program here.

A Trip to the Swimming Pools
There are swimming pools in Rønne and Gudhjem. The temperature of Gudhjem’s swimming pool is 28 degrees and has a springboard, water slide and toys. Rønne has a 25-m swimming pool plus a children’s pool with a temperature of 32 degrees. Each location has a sauna. Learn more about Rønne’s swimming pool here. (Danish webpage) Learn more about Gudhjem’s swimming pool here. (Danish webpage)

Værftet Skating Rink, Playground and Café
At Værftet, the whole family can enjoy the facilities.  This is a perfect location on a rainy day or when you prefer to spend time inside. Værftet is run by a voluntary Christian association. Learn more here. (Danish webpage)

Bornholm Tower
Many claim that Bornholm Tower in South Bornholm offers the best views. We believe the best views are from the top of Hammerknuden. When you visit Bornholm Tower, you decide. Discover a former top-rate military facility, a former NATO listening post, and a top-notch location dating back to the Cold War. Bornholm Tower is 70 m high has 400 steps and an elevator. There is also spy hunting, a cafe, a photo exhibition and a film about the Cold War. Learn more here.

Bornholm Automobile Museum
Bornholm Automobile Museum has more than 80 cars, tractors and motorcycles. Car brands include Rolls-Roys, Jaguar, Porche, Tatra, Morgan, Adler, Rovin, Metz, Singer, Delahaye, Heinkel, Saab, NSU, Berkeley, Zundapp, Fiat, Volvo, Wartburg, Syrena, Reiley, Mercedes, Ford, Austin, Morris, and Triumph. There are a series of model cars on display at a ratio of 1:18. Have a fun day with the family. Learn more here.

Bornholm Art Museum
Bornholm Art Museum is located north of Gudhjem. The museum’s ​​4,000 square m is on three levels and follows the natural shape of the terrain towards the rocky coast. Previously, people flocked to the area as the old sanctuary source (Helligomskilden), was known for its healing powers. Today it represents experience, recreation and spiritual development and is now a water art exhibition which runs through the museum to a small wishing well which empties into the Baltic Sea. At Bornholm Art Museum, you will experience permanent and changing exhibits. Learn more here.

Eat Herring at a Smoke House
No holiday on Bornholm is complete without a taste of smoked herring. Visit Allinge or North Bornholm Smokehouses. Both are close to Danhostel Sandvig. They are located at Allinge harbour and are open for lunch and dinner during the summer. Try their large selection of smoked products and other fish specialities. Bring your purchase to Danhostel Sandvig and prepare the Bornholm speciality, ‘Sun over Gudhjem,’ in our guest kitchen. Learn more about Allinge Smoke House here. (Danish webpage)
Learn more about North Bornholm Smoke House here. (Danish webpage)

Glass Blowing
Glassblowers factories are always hot, so it is a great place to keep warm. Visit Pernille Bastrup’s factory in Gudhjem and watch her work, then take a trip to Baltic Sea Glass, located just south of Gudhjem to see Pernille Bülow’s glassblowing in Svaneke. The latter has a workshop where you can make your own glass jewellery.
Learn more about Pernille Bastrup and Gudhjem Glass Factory here.
Learn more about Baltic Sea Glass Factory here.
Learn more about Pernille Bülow’s Glass Factory here.

Taste Bornholm
Bornholm has several specialities shops and locations which sell local products. Taste a variety of Bornholm beers at Svaneke Bryghus and remember to buy hard candy known as Bolsjer. Ekkodalhustet Café Genlyd makes huge tartlets which are a special treat. For a gourmet venue, try  Restaurant Kadeau. Buy ice cream in Gudhjem’s shops or at Kalas just around the corner from our Danhostel. Read more about a gourmet tour on Bornholm here.
Kalas is

Bornholm Defense Museum
Bornholm Defense Museum is the home of a historic military collection and is an experience for the whole family. Admission is free for everyone under 6 years old. The museum houses many objects from the German occupation during World War II and the Russian occupation. See a real enigma machine, the remains of a V1 bomb and the tank used in the Danish movie, Olsen Banden Junior. Exhibitions at the museum are regularly updated and there are various events available for the whole family. Learn more about Bornholm’s Defense Museum here.

Bornholm’s Nature
Put on your raincoat and rubber boots and experience nature on Bornholm even in rainy weather. See how the rocks glisten and reflect a variety of colours when wet. We sell ponchos at reception. Experience, for example, Bornholm’s waterfalls, which are a spectacular sight because of the rainwater. Learn more about waterfalls here.

If you need other suggestions regarding activities on a rainy day or any day on Bornholm, just ask us at reception.

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