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Cycle Holiday on Bornholm

Go on a cycling holiday on Bornholm and use Danhostel Sandvig in North Bornholm as your base.  You will be close to popular attractions and can combine exercise and experiences for an active family holiday. There are short distances between most attractions.

Bring your Own Bike or Rent from Us
We are ‘Bed+Bike’ certified and provide facilities for washing, repairing and storage of cycles. Rent cycles from us for your entire stay or for a few days. Combine your cycle holiday with relaxation and sunbathing. Use your own cycle helmet or rent one from us for just 10 DKK. We have good connections with a cycle rental shop just around the corner, so your cycle will be ready when you arrive.

Bed + Bike ensure you:

  • Safe storage of the bicycle (locked room)
  • Loan of tools for bicycle repairs
  • Reference to nearest bicycle dealer
  • Information material (maps, bus schedules)
  • Offering Healthy Breakfast
  • Possibility of only staying one night

Scenic Bike Paths
Bornholm has many bike routes. Some are called railway routes and are located away from roads and cars, so you will feel safe when cycling. The landscapes along the routes are varied.
Cykelferie på Bornholm

Hilly Landscapes
The terrain in North Bornholm has hills, valleys and winding roads, so set a practical pace for you and your family, and the trip will be a good experience for everyone. If your cycle trip gets too tedious, ride on one of the public buses with your cycle. Learn more here.

Accommodation on Bornholm
Choose to spend all your nights with us at Danhostel Sandvig or stay at other accommodation locations on the island. We look forward to welcoming you,  provide you with a good night’s rest and a delicious breakfast before you leave for your trip. Book your stay here.

Checklist for planning a cycling holiday on Bornholm:

  • Get your goals set for the holidays
  • Plan the route or routes in general
  • Grab some great bike maps
  • What to bring and who should bring it on their bike
  • Book your accommodation well in advance
  • Check out the possibility of bicycle by train, bus and ferry and book a seat
  • Purchase new equipment well in advance and try it out before the holidays
  • Take a few workouts before leaving
  • Be sure to give the bikes a good service check before the trip

Now you should be ready to go on a bike ride to lovely Bornholm, where you can enjoy the beautiful nature of the island very close. Remember that cycling holidays are both climate-friendly and a healthy way to spend your holidays.

See suggestions for your cycle holiday on Bornholm here.

Lern how to ride a bicycle here in this video from Copenhagen Bicycles.

cykelferie på Bornholm cykelferie på Bornholm