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We Live Up to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The UN Sustainable Development Goals became part of Danhostel’s DNA in 2019. We cannot save the world, but we can lower our environmental impact. Here are the steps we have taken at Danhostel Sandvig to live up to the UN’s 17 goals:
UN Sustainable Development Goals

1 – Abolish Poverty
We donate items we cannot use and purchase what we need for our kitchen from a local recycling shop. We do not discard anything of value.

2 – Stop Hunger
We work hard to reduce food waste in our kitchen and eat, recycle or sell excess meals at a reduced cost.

3 – Health and Well-Being
We reduced our smoking areas. Our goal is to create a smoke-free atmosphere. We ensure that our staff thrive and have varied workdays with differing tasks. Our setting is relaxed and stress-free for guests and staff.

4 – Quality Education
We offer free Wi-Fi throughout our Danhostel. We have strengthened the framework for school camps and provided practical ideas for a stay filled with learning and experiences. We created a library with fiction and professional books in both Danish and English.

5 – Gender Equality
Danhostel Sandvig is jointly-owned by Line Juhl Kronow and Peter Kronow. Employees receive the same salary regardless of gender. Our toilets in the common areas are gender-neutral.

6 – Clean Water and Sanitation
Guests are encouraged to limit water and electricity consumption. Our new installations save energy. We now have an environmentally-friendly refrigeration room. This change reduced our CO2 emissions as freon adversely impacts on the environment. Textilia (former Victor Vask), a green laundry on Bornholm which recycles rainwater, launders our linen.

7 – Sustainable Energy
We use LED lighting and have automatic sensors wherever possible. Guests are encouraged to save energy. The majority of Bornholm’s green energy is from wind turbines.

8 – Decent Jobs and Economic Growth
We give our employees a salary commensurate to the level on Bornholm and generally, all our purchases support Bornholm’s economy.

9 – Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
We encourage climate-friendly holidays via the use of public buses which stop right outside our door, as well as partnering with a local bike rental company just around the corner from our Danhostel.

10 – Less Inequality
Danhostel’s core product is a safe environment for communities that encourage togetherness. We try to live up to that.

11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities
We do our best to strengthen local storytelling and attractions on Bornholm. We work well with other accommodation locations on the island and generally purchase everything locally.

12 – Responsible Consumption and Production
Even though there are currently no directives on Bornholm, our kitchen is designed to sort waste. School camp participants are encouraged to bring their own water containers or get one bottle of water which they can refill.  We use local, seasonal produce from local Bornholm farmers and serve only dairy products from local Bornholm dairies.

13 – Climate Efforts
Our website promotes climate-friendly holidays. We provide vegetarian alternatives on our breakfast and dinner buffet and provide environmentally friendly packaging for packed lunches. We pick up trash when we are out in nature.

14 – Life in the Sea
We regularly accommodate anglers and focus on their health and wellbeing.  We collect trash from our local beach and use environmentally friendly cleaning products. We responsibly dispose of our own garbage.

15 – Life on Land
We do not use chemicals in our outdoor areas. Weeds are removed by hand or burned.

16 – Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
We do not discriminate. All guests are welcome regardless of gender, skin colour culture and sexuality.

17 – Active Partnerships
We have a great working relationship with other Danhostels. We share experiences and practical advice. We take care of each other and the environment.

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