Inspiration for Evening Entertainment for School Camps on Bornholm - Danhostel Sandvig - Billig overnatning på Bornholm

Inspiration for Evening Entertainment for School Camps on Bornholm

Enjoy dinner and relaxation at Danhostel Sandvig after your nature experience. We have some suggestions for evening activities which are suitable for your school camp.

Dark Sky Experience
View the Milky Way galaxy on a clear night. Bring a red bicycle rear light (not cell phones or flashlights) and spend an hour gazing at the stars. The best way to experience Dark Sky is in a dark location away from streetlights. Learn more about Dark Sky here.

Night Trip
Challenge students to a jog on Sandvig’s small, dark streets. Make the run exciting and scarier by doing where it is pitch black away from the city lights. We are happy to help with suggestions and ideas.

Evening Walk to the Allinge Harbour Past Carvings
Allinge Harbour is about 2 km from Danhostel Sandvig. Light a candle on the stones to clearly see the carvings at the carving field, Madsebakke. Buy snacks at the Supermarket Netto and walk to Allinge Harbour. Walk back to our Danhostel via the harbour road.

A Trip in Rønne Cinema
Rønne has a cinema which features one movie each time which might be interesting for the students. Take the bus just outside Danhostel Sandvig’s front door to Rønne.

Bake Cakes in our Guest Kitchen
School camps are welcome to bake cakes and other goodies in our guest kitchen usually reserved for families and single travellers. There are 2 supermarkets (Netto and Brugsen) close to Danhostel Sandvig.

Evening Bathing and a Trip to the lighthouse
Take advantage of the bright, warm summer evenings in June or August to swim at sunset. See the lights as you walk from the coast at Hammerknude to Hammerodde Lighthouse. The trip from Danhostel Sandvig is about 1.5 km.
lejrskole Bornholm

Relaxation in the Common Rooms
Our small TV room with sofas is connected to our dining room and reception area. We have outdoor areas and a large conservatory with space for games and other activities. Our common areas are not available after quiet time which is 10 pm.

PLEASE NOTE: For your safety, please do not climb on rocks after dark.

Learn more about school camp at Danhostel Sandvig here.